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What If I Am Being Served?
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If you think there is someone looking to serve documents on you, there is little you can do to avoid being served.

Hiring private process servers is the most commonly utilized method to have someone served. Most process servers are not empowered by any authority and have no special powers making them above the law. However, process servers are agents of the law and are guided by the the state’s rules of civil procedures.

Take everything you’ve seen on TV and toss it out the door. The embellished methods seen are nothing compared to real life service of process.

In most cases, process server are professional and pleasant. They are fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers just doing a job. In fact, the service they provide allow you to take action to defend yourself against any possible actions sought.

The state laws make if virtually impossible to avoid being served in one manner or another.
Many documents can be left with with co-residents or simply posted to the door in public view.
In many states, closing the door on a process server, allows them to drop the papers where they stand , leaving the documents to the elements and placing the responsibility on you.

In fact, if your place on employment is known, they likely can be served there as well.

When all else fails, the papers can served through publication, likely giving you no notice to defend yourself.

If someone comes knocking at your door, open it and accept the documents. It’s not always bad news and it is one step closer to an end.

Rick Zicari
Collaboration is Key

We live in an exciting time with regard to technolgy. Where once you were at the mercy of a return call for status , the process server on the blacktop is connected directly to your desktop.

Our software provides pure transparency with respect to the events happening to your service on the road.

No more wondering. No more phone calls. No more waiting.

Additionally our software provides our clients and their colleagues with their own free accounts where they can add services and directives directly as well as view all their serves in one place.

This not only saves valuable time, but puts you in control and provides you full transparency for your clients.

  • get real-time job status

  • see GPS data, service photos & timestamps

  • get documents in the field quickly

  • access job archive with history and affidavits

  • unlimited users

  • access to case management integrations

If you need a process server in Rochester New York, you can be assured we can meet any level of service you require.

The ServeRochester Team !!

Process Server in Rochester New York

Rick Zicari
Pro Se...You Say?

(Pronounced Pro-Say)
Pro Se is a Latin phrase meaning "for oneself" or "on one's own behalf"

Many people are making the decision to represent themselves in legal actions.

We don't judge your decision, but rather support you and your need to make sure our part is done correctly and that your documents are served properly.

We welcome Pro Se clients and will help guide you through the service of process in the Rochester New York area.

The ServeRochester Team !!

Rick Zicari

We have been service process in Rochester so long, that we still have carbon paper in some of our old case files.

Technology has made amazing advances for our industry, making our industry more professional. Information is passed from the blacktop to the desktop in real time and they days of sewer service have been replaced with GPS accountability.

If you need a process server, make sure they can provide the service you expect in today’s climate.
Updates, Information, and documentation should be pushed to you so you don’t need to chase the information you need.

The ServeRochester Team !!

Rick Zicari