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We have been service process in Rochester so long, that we still have carbon paper in some of our old case files.

Technology has made amazing advances for our industry, making our industry more professional. Information is passed from the blacktop to the desktop in real time and they days of sewer service have been replaced with GPS accountability.

If you need a process server, make sure they can provide the service you expect in today’s climate.
Updates, Information, and documentation should be pushed to you so you don’t need to chase the information you need.

The ServeRochester Team !!

Rick Zicari
Olden Days

With ties to the process serving business dating back to the 1950's, we have a rich history in Rochester.
Back to the days before no fault insurance, the volume of papers being served was incredible.
My old uncles would brag about serving over 100 papers in one day.  While it seems like the talk was just hyperbole, it's not difficult to believe, given the volume of work, the smaller geographical area and the intense work ethic they possessed.

Process servers in Rochester have been roaming the streets a long time and we are proud that we have a piece of that history.

The ServeRochester Team!!



Rick Zicari
A Few Bad Apples

A few year back, some process servers in New York State made some bad decisions and acted in an unethical way.  In fact , it was so unethical, that rules started to change.

A large process serving firm, 350 miles from Rochester, was forwarding service across the state in large quantities.  Several small time Process Server agencies across the state were hired by this company to serve papers. They low balled their fees the with a promise of a large bulk of work.  This tactic isn't uncommon and these small agencies are often preyed upon because they don't know better.  In fact, they go these new companies because they already chewed up and spit out the others.

These new companies started to realize, that if you lose $1.00 on every paper, bulk services starts to add up against you.

Instead of raising their rates to meet a standard, they stated reducing their expenses by falsifying their attempts and signing affidavits stating they were somewhere they weren't. Often times they were attesting to being at one address at 7pm and another address 50 miles away at 7:05pm.  Not only were they unethical, they were not smart.

The investigations began and subpoenas started to fly. In the end, these agencies and the mother ship were prosecuted.  Some went to jail, some were fines, and some were excommunicated from the industry.  Judgments taken against thousands of defendants were reversed and had to start over at an imaginable cost to several collection firms.

The reputable companies were left once again to sweep up the mess and figure out a way to develop and ensure best practices.  Technology came to the rescue.

Today, we use GPS technology to log the date and time of every attempt.  These attempts include the GPS coordinates and are logged and stored on a 3rd party cloud service.  This not only protects us, but it protects you as the client and those you represent.

The ServeRochester Team!!

Rick Zicari
You call...We Actually Answer

A novel concept, right?

Answering the phone doesn't seem like too much to ask of a service oriented business, but it is one of the most appreciated and valuable gestures. 

Over the years, we have acquired many clients because we simply answer our phones.

The frustration we hear in their voices are often followed by relief once the reliaze they are speaking to a live person who can handle their needs. 
Often times, they need someone fast, and with every unanswered call, stress levels increase.

Our Rochester Process Servers are tuned in to the needs of our clients and we make sure your experience is easy.

Call us and find out for yourselves.

The ServeRochester Team!!
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Rick Zicari