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Evictions have Windows


When serving evictions in Rochester, there are several time frames that must be watched in order to comply with not only the laws, but also the policies of the local courts.

Additionally, substituted service and posting of the eviction significantly affect the service date and must also be calculated into the service time frame.

There are also required mailings that must take place in a certain manner and time-frame.  Failing these, your action could get dismissed in favor of the respondent forcing you to start the matter from the beginning at your expense.

Local courts require all events happen in a specific order and can vary from court to court.

Our Process Servers understand these requirements and time frames.  ServeRochester closely monitors all courts and service attempts to effectively serve and file (or file and serve) so your eviction has a successful outcome for all parties involved.

Correct procedure the first time around is the best and most inexpensive solution.

The ServeRochester Team!!
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